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Outrageous White House Spending

A Concensus to be Reckoned With… A Call to Prayer!

By: Shannon Whitaker       

Jodi Kantor‘s new book The Obama’s has stirred some controversy over its claims that the First Lady proved somewhat problematic in terms of her image.

The book threatens to expose the Obama’s ongoing lavish lifestyle, in the midst of a recession, since their move to the Whitehouse in ’08, and their rigid disapproval and actions imposed on all who oppose them.

A few key ‘talking points’ included are:

~Now former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs “had a tense relationship with Mrs. Obama and with Valerie Jarrett, another adviser,”  In one of the book’s most provocative anecdotes, Gibbs loses his cool over an incident involving a French book that claimed Michelle Obama told Carla Bruni-Sarkozy that life in the White House was “hell.”  Gibbs was also noted to have been frustrated with the First Lady wearing “expensive clothes  in difficult times,” given that she did things like go to “a food bank wearing $515 sneakers” and that “Gibbs is a guy that understands that images matter.” The First Lady has fueled an image much like that of Marie Antoinette, “a historical icon of excess” due to her lavish and pricey wardrobe, from evening gowns to everyday attire her image depicts a vital clash Goldberg noted that there were moments where she has, indeed, fueled that image.

A blog on said: ‘Is it possible that you’re unaware of Marie Antoinette’s reputation for living extravagantly while the ordinary people around her starved in the street?

~The Obamas may not be Tea Partiers, but they did allow “Johnny Depp and Tim Burton to throw an Alice in Wonderland costume ball at the White House in Halloween of 2009.” Burton, who directed Alice, turned the State Dining Room into an over-the-top Mad Hatter’s tea party, with a costumed Depp as host.

While the Obama’s prioritized in covering up the grand affair, “White House officials grew more and more nervous about how a splashy, Hollywood-esque party would look to jobless Americans — or their representatives in Congress, who would soon vote on health care — that the event was not discussed publicly and Burton’s and Depp’s contributions went unacknowledged.”

~ According to Kantor and many insiders, Mrs. Obama also finds her husband’s advisers “too insular and not strategic enough,” particularly finding fault with Rahm Emanuel’s push to scale down the president’s health-care reform effort, tainting Obama’s image as a transformational American leader.

In addition to the events noted in Kantor’s book, the Obama’s have made it no secret, in the eyes of a hurting nation, that they have no desire to ease up on their spending, but instead take offense to the revelations by declaring them to be “racist”.

Eleven-time Emmy Award-winning American writer-Goldberg added that the claims that the source of the criticism was racism was “despicable and harmful…. if they do this over and over again, what happens when real racism shows up?”

Kantor defended her book on NBC’s “Today” on Monday, asserting that the White House hasn’t “disputed any of the facts” in the book. Asked by host Matt Lauer if she had interviewed President or First Lady Obama for the book, Kantor hedged, “The book is mostly reported through top aides and close friends of the president and First Lady. I’m one of the only people to get access to the East Wing and the First Lady’s staff there. What I found is that aides and friends were able to tell stories that the Obama’s don’t talk about.”

In light of the ongoing and evident global disparity, it is crucial that we not only remain objective, but also morally upright.  That said, as we are now in the midst of the 2012 Election Primaries, it is important that we continue to focus on that which truly matters and continue to pray for our world leaders… present and future.


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  1. inspiredmagmedia – I was surfing on-line and I came throughout your post… I loved reading it . I realized a lot about this matter that you simply wrote here. Thanks so much for posting an article like this one.

  2. inspiredmagmedia – I was surfing online and I got here across your post… I loved reading it . I discovered much about this matter that you just wrote here. Thanks a lot for posting an article like this one.

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