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Juicing Up; Trimming Down

An “INSPIRED” Message…    

There’s a certain logic to the science of drugs in that the active ingredient is often derived from plants. But there the logic ends, begging the question: Why don’t we just eat the plants?

Obviously there are many reasons why not: in some cases they may be unpalatable, often out of season, or grown on the other side of the world, or you would have to eat a mountain of them to get the nutrients at the levels required.

Our doctors write a quick fix prescription of drugs that deal only with the symptom, rarely discussing diet as the perfect solution. Meanwhile we get sicker and sicker.

There’s a groundswell of opinion that diseases including cancer, diabetes and arthritis, and possibly forms of dementia too, can be healed or at the very least be prevented by diet. Many governments know this and make a token effort by recommending five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

But the healing requires firstly the absence of junk, processed and sugar-laden foods and secondly an abundance of raw fruit and vegetables, far more than five a day.

The problem of quantity is further compounded by the poor condition of the soil in which nature’s bounty is grown, thanks to intensive farming and the extensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Scientists Dr. David Thomas and David E. Marsh have conducted extensive research that shows massive loss of minerals such as selenium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc among others, often in the region of 50% or more.

Modern food technology hooked on the “convenience” mantra, systematically processes out yet more nutrients and adds flavoring, preservatives and unnatural coloring to yet further destroy our food. Half the world populates burger bars and fast food outlets and eats itself towards obesity and an early grave.

With the media giving so much coverage and airtime to the problems of obesity, cancer and mental health, there may well be a revolution in the offing—JUICING!

Instead of five make that 10 per day to combat disease and provide cell energy for a fuller, happier and more productive life. This is a far more efficient way of ensuring delivery of the maximum nutrients; or, as botanist and herbalist, Richo Cech puts it: “A large volume of greens can be reduced into a single tempting glassful of concentrated fresh nutrition and taken with relative ease, without a whole lot of chewing!”

Author Cherie Calbom, otherwise known as “The Juice Lady” in her native US, reports giant strides in waking people up to the power of juicing for health and changing their diet to healthy whole foods.

“There is huge bias in the media against anything natural for health and healing because we’re a pharmaceutical-driven society. But people are catching on that this model does not support vibrant health, or even getting well. Changes can be judged by the ever-increasing popularity of organic produce and whole foods.”

Juice book sales are up and sales of juicers are growing daily, proving that people are becoming aware that they need to do things differently to stay healthy.

 Get inspired— get juicing!


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