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Bury The Hatchet; Wipe the Slate Clean—It’s Easter!


Coming Home  to Christ This Easter, and Beyond…

By: Maddie Jomolca  INSPIRED

During this special season, may you reflect anew on all that Easter means—Christ’s great sacrifice and love demonstrated for you more than 2,000 years ago.

Easter is the story of how Christ, by way of a cruel Cross, broke our shackles of guilt and sin. On Easter morning, He defied death, and in one fell swoop secured eternal life for all who trust in Him. It is the story that depicts the very essence of all that is right with the world… and all that is of “forgiveness”.

It all began with forgiveness, and thus; so, too, must it all end in forgiveness.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines forgiveness as: “To excuse for a fault or offense; pardon. To stop feeling anger or resentment against; to absolve from payment of.”

Forgiveness does not mean condoning other people’s bad behavior. It simply means that, by choice, we cancel any debt we feel others owe us, thus breaking free from the bondage of hurt, and web of anger, and revenge that can increase every time we think or talk about the issue, or every time we immerse ourselves into self-pity.

It is only upon choosing to forgive our offenders (and ourselves), perceived and otherwise; that we are then extended forgiveness.

Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” ~ Colossians 3:13

If you feel that you struggle with the ability to “wipe the slate clean”, “bury the hatchet”, and so on… you are not alone. For years I’ve struggled with this very vital precept. I truly believed that one of my purposes in life was to
attempt to reverse and/or “right every wrong” (internal and external) and justify it as the usual: “an eye for any eye” idiocy!

It was this very self-imposed and self-pitying conduct that led me down a trail of destruction for several years… A journey which propelled me to compose my personal (and ongoing) testimony titled: “Gifts of Grace”,  in hope that others, too, might come forth, break the shackles of guilt and shame and allow God to turn YOUR story— (or novella!) into a beautiful love story bearing the very core of His loving and transforming mercy.

I pray that, our stories, which in all likelihood don’t hold a candle to HIS story would be perceived, not with a spirit of judgment or bias, but rather in the spirit of hope and desire to exchange a limp along a trail of confusion into a strut within a journey of enlightenment.

We must, bear in mind, that while commemorated and/or observed  one Sunday a year; Easter is not merely a ONE day event, but instead, the  resurrection, it’s significance, and its power should remain within us throughout our lives.

Come home to Christ this Easter… Open your heart, let Him in…wipe that slate clean and start anew.

Your journey begins when you bow your head… and say these words:
“God, I believe in You… I need you in my life… I invite you in, to be my Friend; to be my Lord; to be my Saviour”

After you have recited the prayer, you should  contact your local church for more extensive support… or contact INSPIRED personally and we will do everything I can to better assist you with getting “plugged in” in your immediate area!

May this Easter bring you new purpose, hope and awakening, in Christ!


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