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A Thanksgiving Testimony



Dara’s Legacy

I know now that in part, my mother’s seemingly untimely death, served to open the door for my father to examine his desire for salvation. And even though my dad’s life still does not reflect a love for Christ, my mother’s faithful dedication and servant-hood did nothing but encourage him to have a relationship with the Lord.

“For though I am free from all men, I made myself a servant to all that I might win the more.”

     1 Corinthians 9:19

(NKJV)My mother taught me the true meaning of love, forgiveness, servanthood, and sacrifice. Even though one of my children and all of my grandchildren will never know her, the legacy that she left will live on for generations.

My Grandmother’s Legacy

When my maternal grandmother went home to be with the Lord, and we were going through her personal items, the comments made were evidence of her genuine faith also. “She read through this Bible so many times we’ve lost count,” said one. And even though I only visited her once every other year, I always remember her having her Bible close at hand. That was the legacy passed on to my mother. I so desire to follow suit with my life and testimony, and leave a godly legacy for my children as well.

My Mother-In-Law’s Legacy

In 1983 I met my future mother-in-law, only to find out that the Lord had blessed me again with yet another godly woman to be a mentor in my life. She had lived a very difficult life also. Her mother passed away when she was very young. She married only to later divorce her unfaithful husband, after having four children. She raised them to love and serve God, while at times holding down three jobs. She too made it a priority to spend quiet time with the Lord every day and I’ll not soon forget the comfort it provided me to see her sitting with her well-worn Bible open on her lap.

The godly influence of sacrifice my mother-in-law exhibited everyday has been etched on my heart forever. Her faith failed to waver even when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She put forth all the energy she could muster to see that every one of her grandchildren, 18 at the time, would have a copy of Charles Sheldon’s classic, In His Steps, with her personal words of encouragement penned inside each cover. Her eyes were always on Jesus and even in the midst of her final painful days she was anxiously looking forward to laying her cross at Jesus’ feet and picking up her crown. She went home to be with the Lord in February, 1999. She made sure everyone she came in contact with knew that a life worth living and remembering has God as the center.

Elsie’s Legacy

I’m so grateful currently that the Lord has placed another godly woman in my life as a mentor. Even though Elsie too has led a trying life, she makes it a priority to encourage and speak God’s wisdom to the younger women that the Lord places in her life. I am so thankful that the Lord joined our spirits and saw fit to have our paths cross. Nothing takes the Lord by surprise. He knew what I needed and even though she lives hundreds of miles away, He has generously blessed me with Elsie.


My Legacy – My Prayer

“Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.”

     1Timothy 4:16

(NIV)Isn’t that our primary goal here on this earth, to draw others to Christ? I desire to leave a godly legacy like my mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother did. Not one of wealth and notoriety, but one of sincere, genuine faith that is evident to all I come in contact with. At this time of Thanksgiving let us all focus on the legacy that has been left for us and seek to leave a godly one of genuine faith for those following after us. It could be the difference between eternal life and death.


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