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There Is “A” Hope

A Message from the Editor…

By: Maddie Jomolca

Nearly two decades ago, at the dawn of a New Year, while navigating the rough seas of hardship and destruction, otherwise known as “my life”, I picked up newspaper column that a neighbor had not-so-accidentally left near my door step.  Curiously, I began to browse through the 2 -3 pages, when I came across this picture placed smack in the middle of its page… no attached article or further clarification… just a stand-alone illustration.

Attempting to make sense of it, I read, and re-read it a few times, scoffing at what I then thought was a misplaced “a”, and a magnanimous type-o in my distorted opinion … “There is hope, not there is “A” hope” I mocked.  Yet, I decided to clip it, and keep it somewhere close by.


The years that followed proved grueling, overflowing with trials and tribulations, yet through it all I managed to keep my folded, taped, quickly fading and otherwise withered clipping with me, transferring it form wallet to wallet, purse to purse, reading it aloud to myself as needed, often pressing it onto my chest at nights, still refusing to recognize or acknowledge the “a” as part of the equation… the overall message.

It was not until a few years ago, upon surrendering my life to a God I mistakenly thought I knew (all-in!), that I began to understand and have a handle on what I now know to be TRUTH.  You see, the “A” (meaning:  primary, singular, “ONE”) was not a type-o after all.  It was, in fact, deliberately and knowingly placed before the word HOPE… for without this placement, “HOPE” would remain as neighboring as a “temporary fix”—-entirely futile.


It is my prayer that, unlike me, you do not wait two decades; that you not wait another day to receive and realize the gravity behind this certainty.

May God bless you, today and always.

~Madeleine “Maddie” Jomolca

INSPIRED- Editor-in-Chief


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