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CHRIST-mas in a “HAPPY Meal”…

Choosing LOVE over rage: A message from the Editor    screen-shot-2013-11-16-at-9-53-49-am

BY: Maddie Jomolca

Yesterday afternoon, while on my routine route to pick up my daughter at her school in Ft. Myers, I began to think about my amazing, recent visit to Miami over the Thanksgiving holiday, spent bonding in deep, meaningful exchanges with my daughter, brothers, parents, and family, in general; when I became distracted by the overwhelming hostility that surrounded me.

Everyone, pedestrians and drivers alike, appeared hurried (and harried!)… angry!  Some were cutting others off, while others, their gregarious victims, proudly flicked their offenders off.

Aaaaah, yes… ‘tis the season, I thought to myself. That time of year that spells out debt, expenditure, deadlines and stress to so many across the globe. I decided not to give the scene much thought, and warily proceeded.

My daughter and I, now back on our way across the midpoint bridge into “the Cape”, engaged in our usual chatter about the days’ events when I realized, I had skipped lunch and had nothing to prepare as an immediate “fix” back home, so I decided a nearby McDonald’s drive-thru, might do the trick.

Blinker on, signaling my intent to turn, I waited in one of two entrances into a backed-up drive-thru car line, before entering and moving behind the last car waiting. Suddenly (and I do mean suddenly!) a woman in a van, apparently waiting at the other entrance pulled up within inches of the back end of my car, as if hoping to cut me off, yet, logistically and realistically, could not.  She, the driver, in what appeared to be a desperate appeal, began to hysterically honk her horn, which not only agitated the other drivers and passers-by, but scared my daughter into a panic attack.

Apparently, this woman felt that though there were two entrances (routes) to the very,   same place that everyone needed to follow her lead. She was a heavy-set woman, and by the way she was carrying on, it was evident that she was, well… hungry; not only physically but also, and more importantly-spiritually.

In need of some reassurance (and accountability) I turned to my daughter and asked: “Did I cut this woman off?”… Nastazia (my daughter), now nervously fidgeting, responded: “No mom. I don’t know what her problem is.” We both slowly turned to her, and I waved my hand as if to apologize for— WHATEVER, only to find her, nearly foaming at the mouth, flicking us off with both hands no less, and yelling out the words “you f****** b****”! We slowly turned right back around, and I uttered: “Nice!.. That went well!”, proceeded by my daughters’ remark: “Is this what we left Miami for?” (Yeah, she went there!)

What made it more horrifying was the fact that I caught a glimpse of a young girl (her very own “minnie-me”!)  sitting next to her, imitating the very same gestures… with a fury, I might add.

Still stuck in line and behind what appeared an eternity of awaiting cars, I pulled out a napkin and pen from my glove compartment, and began to write the following:

“If you think YOU’RE hungry now, consider this…  JESUS CHRIST went without food and water {fasted} faithfully and often, up to 40 days, up until and leading to His death on the cross so that you and I can one day sit at an infinite dinner table in the heavens and feast in the splendor of His presence. He loves us that much. May you find HOPE and PEACE this Christmas season and beyond… the kind of HOPE and PEACE that comes in knowing and walking alongside a Savior…. Merry CHRIST-mas!!!~Madeleine”

After placing our order, and in an effort to make her “happy” I went on to order a “happy” or rather “kids meal”, (synonymous with her behavior), inserted the note inside and asked the girl at the window to hand it to the woman in the van behind me, and she did.

As we embraced the “quiet” that now enveloped us, neither one of us looked back to see her reaction, for her immediate reaction and sentiments were a “matter of G-O-D”.

After a short prayer, I felt an overwhelming sadness come over me.  At the risk of appearing repetitive, I fear that we’ve become so saturated with the falsehood hype of Christmas, that it’s true purpose and significance will soon become a diminished and distant reality for the generations to come.

My story is not unique. I know and have witnessed the many sincere and unheralded acts of kindness taking place not only during this season, but every day locally and abroad; and still there are those whose brokenness and burning need for love have led them down a path of fury and rage… of destruction.  We need to be a people who can make the distinction and realize that “LOVE does, in fact cover a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8)

Let us choose LOVE over rage… planting seeds of Hope in others, this Christmas… and beyond.

A merry, joyful and blessed CHRIST-mas to ALL!

Madeleine “Maddie” Jomolca Editor-in-Chief of INSPIRED & Maddie Takes Fl


1 Comment on CHRIST-mas in a “HAPPY Meal”…

  1. Eileen Kelly // December 5, 2013 at 11:34 pm // Reply

    Hi Maddie,
    Your story was beautiful and beautifully written. It was beautiful because it had an amazing ending. You are a beacon of light and hope for me. Your unfaltering faith and determination is an inspiration. I send you and Stazy a big hug from Dominick and I. God bless you and your family!

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