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Learning to LOVE who YOU are…  as you are.

By: Maddie Jomolca (Editor)

I awoke one morning feeling afflicted by an outlook that weighed heavy on my heart and wanted to share…

“I think that the trademark of the Devil in this world is the awful rift between women; usually because somewhere in our youth, someone fed the lie that “it’s a man’s world, and you/we have to fight tooth, nail and stiletto, (with men and each other) in order to secure our place within it”. Women back-biting other women, women envying, scrutinizing and condemning and oppressing other women, often waiting on the sidelines for the other to stumble only to swiftly move in, like vultures and further shred and cut her down, when what we need to do is meet her RIGHT THERE, in her brokenness and help her to find her wings again.                                          (C Joybell, 2008)

And then there is, by contrast, “the telltale sign of God in this world, which is the intoxicating potion of joy that is concocted when a woman reaches out to another woman, when women take an extra step, go an extra mile, or just go out of their way  for their fellow woman, regardless and in spite of the varying degrees of things we hold dear to us. Beautiful acts of God are, in fact, seen in the kindness of women towards other women.”    (C. Joybell, 2008)

Now, I don’t write this in order to rid myself on any guilt, for I too, have perched on BOTH sides of that fence, but over time, trying circumstances have brought me to this: We were not created for the sake of turning heads; we were created to turn hearts… and as such- ‘REAL WOMEN DON’T COMPETE… REAL WOMEN EMPOWER”

So why spend another moment of your precious life wasted on a futile attempt to leave a legacy of  resentment, and pettiness (I went there!), when the Lord, our God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, in His infinite, unending and unwavering love for you has already blessed you with all of the beauty you will ever need and know –eternally? When you waste any amount of time attempting to take that which is not rightfully yours, stealing another’s joy, you are diminishing a HUGE amount of “PURPOSE” that has already been set aside for YOU!

Ladies, we are not contenders here to “challenge” at every turn … we are willing participants, and contributors of beauty and benefit…. Love, don’t rage.

“Those that are, and those that are growing up to be.

The daughters,  the mothers, the sisters, the “fribblings” – friends like siblings;

the wives,  the girlfriends. the aunts. the nieces…The grand-something’s, the young-uns,  the teens….

The women in your life who love, lose, cry… Laugh, heal, thrive, nurture, and Create…. You are worthy…


A voice in hurting world… “Until the whole world hears”

Madeleine “Maddie” Jomolca



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