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Goodbye Sunday: The Depths of Crazy…

By: Kendall F. Personthepublcblogger

We must, I believe, start teaching our children the sanity of nonviolence much earlier.
– Alice Walker, Author of The Color Purple

Why is it, that people react the way they do, in the face of hardship?

What is it exactly, that makes them seek the comfort and ease of handing it all over to someone else, rather than deal with it on their own terms, and do it right? Not that there is anything wrong in seeking counsel, but in the end nobody will bear the consequences of your actions but yourself, and as such the decision should be yours, and yours alone.

As people, we have learned throughout our lives, that there is always an expert at something, who will know how to do certain things better than we ever will. Who has the capability, and the mental capacity to excel, where we can only fail. But that is simply not true. It can’t be. I refute that notion in its entirety.


Sadako Yamamura by Hoangvanvan : (Courtesy of:thepublicblogger)


“What is it?” asked the Pastor, with his wife right by his side.
“The Muslims are here!” screamed John Peters, trying not to, but trembling in fear.
“I have invited them here, to share in our place of worship.” responded the Pastor, remaining calm. “They are good people, just like you, John. They are in need of a place to worship and we have plenty of room.” Not finding comfort in the Pastor’s soothing voice and paying no attention to the fact, he was in a spiritual place, John instead took over the leadership role and begin to yell instructions, sending the mass hysteria through the roof. He turned to the panic-struck congregation, that had run inside of the church, completely baffled, but fully consumed in the insanity, that had overtaken the day. “Rip up the pews and start blockading the doors. If any of you are carrying your guns, prepare to defend your families and your nation!”

The Pastor let go of his wife’s hand and stepped down from the platform, reaching out to each indiviual man. He walked through the crowd, holding onto his composure, but he could convince no one, not even himself.  Men, women and children alike, began to pull up the pews and carry them toward the entrances, prohibiting anyone from entering, but without thinking, trapping themselves inside the building, a house of worship no longer.

Robin looked on in horror as her mother ran toward the wedding parties, howling as if she had gone mad. Her younger brother Jimmy, for the first time in a long while, begin to move and exit from the car. Robert raced to Maxine’s wrecked auto. Displaying a faux appearance of worry, he however, was relieved, that his secret could not be told. He pulled open the car door, a few parishioners also running to lend a hand, but when he finally got it open, he discovered poor Maxine Bouvie, his mistress, had died upon impact. Losing control of his emotions, they let go all at once. Screaming toward the heavens, “Oh, my God! What have I done?”

You are who you are, because of the choices you make, and the path you walk. You are no more the man you were 10 years ago, than the man you will be in another ten. That is the beauty of being a human being, you call the shots. You decide on where you need to go…because life is a continuous work in progress.

Don’t let anyone ever try and convince you otherwise.

Many people sadly choose to give up, and walk away when they should be pushing through, with eyes fixed firmly on the prize. These are talented people, with skills, talent, and beautiful souls.

Yet often people give up. And no matter how they try and explain it, they do so because it is the easy way out. They simply had enough… Don’t do it.

It will be the worst decision you ever make in your life, and all the suffering and fatigue you felt while fighting for your dreams, will be minor tinglings, compared to the agony of your soul bursting to tears in mourning of a lost purpose.

Don’t do it.

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