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HERO: Tim Tebow to Organize Proms for Those with Special Needs

Courtesy of People Magazine


By: Maddie Jomolca

He’s the guy that some “hate to love”, and others ‘love to hate”; but for most of us- the vast majority, Tim Tebow is clearly – the guy we love to love!John 3 16

Tim, or “Timmy”, as we lovingly call him, who is no stranger to adversity, continues to wow us with his spirited nature, and resilient determination to impact the world around him by leaving a definite imprint in the name of Jesus.

His parents, Pamela Elaine (Pemberton) and Robert Ramsey Tebow II, met while attending the University of Florida in the late 1960s, where Timmy would later, also attend and became a star quarterback. His mother was a freshman and his father was a sophomore at the time. The couple married on June 12, 1971, before Pamela’s graduation from the University. In 1985, the family moved to the Philippines where they served as Baptist missionaries and built a ministry.

Prior to becoming pregnant with Tim, his mother contracted amoebic dysentery and fell into a coma, and soon thereafter discovered she was pregnant while recovering. Because of the medications used to treat her, the fetus experienced a severe placental abruption, and the doctors, expecting a stillbirth, recommended she have an abortion, However, the Tebow’s citing their faith, decided they would, despite the odds, have this baby as the Lord intended, and on August 14, 1987, they gave birth to a healthy boy (Tim), in Manila.

Tim, the youngest of five children who were homeschooled by both parents, and who instilled the family’s Christian beliefs, he became noticed and praised for his running and throwing abilities, and went on to become a prominent football player (high school, college and Pro) whilst also infusing his faith, both on and off the field.

His reluctance to mask his faith won the hearts of many and he was soon dubbed “the chosen one” by the media; as he continued to lead his team mates in prayer, displaying Scripture (John 3:16) on his face, and was routinely seen on one knee, in prayer just before and throughout every game. But as it was to be expected, his faith also captured the attention and opposition of ‘haters’ (literally!), lunging him into a whirlwind of scrutiny and controversy; the very controversy that many believe to have led him away from the playing field in defeat…But we who know better, well, we know better and recognize all that transpired as marked and discernable, “divine victory”.

romans 8 28

You see, despite Tim’s enduring love for football and his probable, initial disappointment, God had a very different and distinct plan for him… To continue to spread the love of Christ throughout the nations, and who better than the God-loving, chiseled, former NFL quarterback to step up to the call?

Among their numerous and ongoing charitable efforts and outreach, the former NFL quarterback – and current SEC Network analyst– has continued with his commitment to charity work, this time creating a special night for thousands of people with disabilities.

On Feb. 13, the Tim Tebow Foundation will sponsor 45 simultaneous Night to Shine prom events in 26 different states, as well as two locations in Uganda and Kenya. More than 7,000 people with special needs will dress up in tuxes and prom gowns for what’s likely to be their first prom experience in their lives. Thousands of volunteers have signed up to make the events happen around the globe.

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Click – for more information on upcoming efforts and events by the Tim Tebow Foundation


Madeleine “Maddie” Jomolca- Creator and Editor – Inspired Magazine.



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