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You Say -“Potato”; I Say – “Boniato”

BY: Maddie Jomolca

If you’re like me – an “Americanized” Latina; a first-generation Cuban-American, raised in a household in which our grandmother or abuela, did most of the food prep – pouring her heart (and heritage!) out over a pressure-cooker or sauce-pan, then you were, in all likelihood, initially made to bond with the typical white sweet potato, otherwise known as – “boniato” (said to be of greater nutritional value than other potatoes), only to experience “some” confusion when, at some point, you realized that there was more than one way to skin that (white or yellow) potato… pun intended.

These days, and for the past three decades, I find myself preparing, (and loving!) the typical soft, yellow sweet potato, I’ve otherwise come to know as “Yam”. Yet, despite the ongoing dilemma of which is the “true” yam, (what’s in a name?) and competing nutritional benefits, if your exposure to sweet potatoes is limited to the Thanksgiving table or your favorite diner’s healthier French fry option, now’s the time to open your eyes to the weight-loss wonders of the uber-delicious tuber. Not only that, but they (sweet potatoes) nutritionally knock the typical white potato right out of the ballpark— hands down!

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Here are three reasons sweet potatoes help you drop pounds:

They’re naturally sweet: No refined sugar overload here — sweet potatoes make for a healthy, lower-calorie treat. Satisfy any morning sweet/salty cravings with these sweet potato apple pancakes, and get your healthy dessert fill with these sweet potato desserts.

They regulate blood sugar: Sweet potatoes may have their fair share of carbs (about 33 grams per cup), but they contain a compound that increases levels of adiponectin, the blood-sugar regulating hormone, in the body. Sweet potatoes have a relatively low glycemic index rating (50), which can also help prevent blood sugar spikes after you eat. Regulated blood sugar levels can help get rid of those sugary cravings you get when your levels dip. And while studies have been conflicting, some research has shown that low-glycemic foods stay in your digestive tract longer, helping you control your appettite. To maintain sweet potatoes’ low-glycemic properties, boil or steam them instead of roasting them (which destroys some of these properties).

They contain fiber: High-fiber foods are another foolproof way to control hunger. Fiber helps you feel fuller for longer, and one medium sweet potato (about one cup) contains four grams of the nutrient.

Sweet potatoes don’t just help you trim your waistline, however. They’re powerful sources of vitamin A, which helps boost immunity and promotes good eye, skin, and bone health, as well as high levels of anti-inflammatory antioxidants. Regardless of whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, sweet potatoes’ seemingly superfood status isn’t a license to order all the sweet potato fries you want — a 2011 study found that those deep-fried sweet potato fries are not as healthy as you think!


Personal Trainer, Life Coach & Editor of IM - Maddie Jomolca

Personal Trainer, Life Coach & Editor of IM – Maddie Jomolca


As a former “diversion” junkie, turned avid health & fitness enthusiast; creator of “Firm Believers”  group and Personal Trainer  -Maddie Jomolca combines clean eating, good exercise habits, and godly behavior….”Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.”(1 Corin. 6:19-20)

 “Life is delicious!!…  I am blessed to have an all-loving God who, despite my own negligence, has preserved  my body (health, and mind) and restored my soul by His grace, so that I can, in turn bring others to the same place.” ~Maddie

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