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War on Women, or Women at War?

“We need women so strong, they can be gentle; so educated that they can be humble; so fierce, they can be compassionate; so passionate, they can be rational; and so disciplined… they can be free.” ~Kavita Ramdas

By: Madeleine Jomolca

I cannot bring myself to fully understand, let alone accept this senseless term- “war on women”; an expression created by the democrats in 2010 to define the republicans’ effort to safeguard, not only this country’s fundamental principles, but also the welfare and well-being of women across the board. Is there truly a so-called war on women? If there is, when did it begin? And more importantly, why wasn’t I and thousands of other women ever asked to join, fight or contribute to it?

In order to acknowledge or recognize an event or series of events, a movement, or action as an outright “war”, to the best of my knowledge, one such battle must be or have been publicly and openly waged upon that individual or group. Furthermore, and more significantly, in order for this statement to be true, all women, everywhere would have to acknowledge it to be so, and while I cannot speak for others, from where I stand, I have had no indication, that I, that we, am and are at war with men (and vice-versa), or their their policies and laws, even.  I, on the other hand, rather enjoy the company of most men; their masculinity, their strength, and more often than not -their humor. I relish their seriousness, and ability to keep the trivial at-bay. I am, in fact drawn to the very characteristics that distinguish us, for it is those very characteristics that also unite us. And given the opportunity, you will find me discussing, or healthily debating weighty topics with a man whom, whether correct or not in his thinking, will typically approach the discussion with resoluteness, genuineness and solemnity. I, in fact, hope to remarry a man, someday- God willing. Either republicans or democrats, or even Donald Trump – no, I am not at war with men, and as far as I am concerned, to the best of my knowledge, there is no man at war with me.

Moreover, if some policies or “treatment of women” seems different from that of our males counter parts, it is because they damn-well ought to be! It all boils down to this- gender roles! Remember those? – A time when a woman’s comportment was not only perfectly aligned with her societal role, but more importantly with her God-given gender role. Likewise, a man’s role was and should be perfectly defined, and rationally and biologically compatible with that of a woman. Law-abiding women in this country are doing well, and excelling in every camp. We are mothers, single and otherwise, and grandmothers, and caretakers. We are business owners, we hold executive positions and corporate America. We are in politics, in churches and the military. We are, simply and naturally subjected to the very laws that govern men, in that we are not at liberty to take [murder] a human life. A fetus, regardless of it’s life-stage, is such a life.

Women at War - Getty Images

Women at War – Getty Images

In a recent article aimed at the initial “mistreatment” of the late Margaret Sanger, founder of what is now the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the tagline read: “Progressive sex and gender reform is sweeping the country. Why do reproductive rights continue to incite such anger?History suggests that sexism has much to do with it.” – Wait, what? …There it is! Gender reform-The erroneous belief at the root of the whole “war on women” shenanigans’. Try as they may, you can’t “reform” sex and gender any more than you can tell an elephant to become an octopus. How you and I came into this world, formed, and shaped by God, (soul and all) defines who and what we are forevermore; and no snip, nip or tuck will ever change that reality. Furthermore, reproduction is not a right, it’s a gift, and to some extent, a respective calling. Then, there’s that word – sexism; the mother-load of all that is in a superfluous and redundant term, to date. Too, many ‘isms”, in any language, makes for mere labeling worthlessness within any given society.

Yes, some men, as do some women, lack in social niceties and proper mannerisms (Donald Trump!), but to boldly state that they are at war with an entire gender, holds as much water as a rose bush in the desert. Take the recent republican debate, for instance. I absolutely admire and respect Megyn Kelly. I find her to be a hard-nosed, no nonsense journalist with keen and profound moral values and ethical backbone, and her style of questioning Trump was done so in her signature, get-to-the-bottom-of –the-issue style. Trump, who is living proof, and a profound reminder that money cannot buy class; managed to create quite the stir when he cleverly, with the help of the media, placed himself in the victim’s seat, and the country, other women, especially, the majority of the voters, lunged forward in a show of support for him.

Well, it didn’t long for Rosie O’Donell to chime in, in her typical, tasteless mode, and broadcast her desire to “wipe her menstrual (she wasn’t quite so formal in her description) blood on people’s faces, (she’s a charmer, eh?) to fight Trumps war on women”. Rosie – sit down, upright, and try crossing your legs for a change. Keep your pants on and your bodily fluids to yourself, and instead ponder the idea of becoming and behaving more lady-like. Trump may be a money-hoarding infantile pig at times, (alright, most of the time!), but his battle is not with women, his battle is with you, and, with the exception of Megyn, the likes of you. And while I have yet to find one reason to throw my personal support behind him , from a spiritual perspective, it may very well be Trump that God uses to bring awareness to the lagging issues surrounding the current, negligent Administration. More on that here: Preacher Has Eerie Message about Trump


The bottom line? There is no “war on women”. The expression is one concocted merely to attack and label those who oppose the incline in immorality in this country – the same tactic and rhetoric used to describe a non-Obama supporter- labeling them a racist, or homophobic for anyone not supporting the gay movement and lifestyle.  It’s hogwash! There are however women at war – at war with men, themselves, policies, laws and especially- with other women. They have inherently and possibly unknowingly, waged a war on the very qualities and individualities that make them unique and set them apart from men, from all other species, in fact.

There’s a great idiom I often think about, one that packs a punch in four words, and one that I often cite to my girls: “Remember who you are”. – And just as there is no sound or realistic basis for the term “gender reform”, I truly believe, that if men and women would, at the core of their being, learn to love and accept themselves as God’s beautiful creatures, unique in our roles; we would no longer attempt to change our appearances, our sex, ourselves or others… We would be speaking an entirely different language, one that is void labeling and of “ists” and “isms”.


Madeleine "Maddie" Jomolca Editor-in-Chief

Madeleine “Maddie” Jomolca


     Maddie is a Christian conservative writer whose purpose for writing is to inform, inspire, and unite “We the People.” Maddie’s special areas of journalism include  Middle Eastern affairs, Islam, and Christianity, and the inspiring come-to-Jesus testimonials of others. As a former “diversion” junkie, turned avid health & fitness enthusiast; creator of “Firm Believers”  group and Personal Trainer  -Maddie Jomolca combines clean eating, good exercise habits, and godly behavior. (1 Corin. 6:19-20)
“Life is delicious!!…  I am blessed to have an all-loving God who, despite my own negligence, has preserved  my body (health, and mind) and restored my soul by His grace, so that I can, in turn bring others to the same place.” ~Maddie

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