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The Christmas Homework

By: Sue Gober

Two years ago our minister asked us if we would do some homework during the Christmas season. He asked us to pick out an object (before we stored away our Christmas decorations) to remind us of Christmas all year.

That thought intrigued me, and I took that challenge seriously.

The object I chose to leave out all year was a coffee mug with red polka dots and a green striped handle. I had fallen in love with that mug, and I enjoyed the thought of associating the birth of Christ with it every morning as I drank my coffee.

Over time, during the past two years, the mug must have gotten moved to the back of my large cabinet where I keep all of my glasses and coffee mugs. About six weeks ago I saw it in the back, and my heart moved. Immediately I remembered why it was still out and was not packed away with my Christmas decorations. I remembered the reason for the homework assignment.

HELLO! Isn’t this what we do with God? He stays in the front of our lives and hearts, and then other unimportant stuff takes over and He gets shoved to the back. Then something happens to bring Him back to the forefront where He belongs. We realize He was never lost, just behind the plain mugs and glasses… the ones with no personality or personal meaning.

I have moved the Christmas red, polka dotted mug with the green handle back to the front of my cabinet. I have been drinking out of it since I found it again, and it has brought great comfort and joy each morning as I re-think, re-live, and re-commit to having Christ in my life daily.

My assignment for the 2015 Christmas season to you is this: Find a Christmas object and DON’T pack it up or put it away. Keep it out front where you will see it every day to remind you of the birth of our Savior. Just don’t let it get lost in the mundane clutter of life like I did. I guarantee, this is the best gift you can give yourself this year!


Sue Gober is a Professor and the Director of Professional Laboratory Experiences for the School of Education, University of Mobile.She is a former kindergarten teacher and now college professor who sends teachers-in-training into the nation’s public and private schools every day. She is passionate about the need to prepare the next generation of teachers for the ever-changing challenges they will face in the classroom. She is just as passionate about the need for students to be taught by educators who are creative thinkers and make learning come alive.

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