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Back to Origin…

BACK TO ORIGIN…  BACK TO LIFE!                         


Change your water... Change your life!

By: Tim Skiba

We are all familiar with the expression ” back to nature”, or ”back to my roots ”.  How about the term ”back to origin”?

When it comes to our health and the health of our loved ones, there is no expression and/or truth so simple, and so important as that of “back to origin”.

What’s really interesting is that in the back of our minds, we all know what to do to be well… and yet as simple as it is, the majority of the population has never necessarily been taught  the basics… Let’s do a little crash course together, to get the New Year started off in the right direction.

We all probably had drivers-ed in high school, perhaps even computer basics if you are younger than I am.  Most of us missed the class on ”marriage 101”. The result: half of all marriages self destruct.

The same holds true with ”nutrition 101”. Anyone get that class in high school?  I. personally, missed that one, as with the divorce rate, you do not have to look very far to see the destructive results of this missing information either.

We can start right now, though;  right where we are, and the topic can be so simplified that anyone can get it and ‘take as directed and begin to feel better , or stay well.

 ‘In the beginning’…

Whether ones belief about origin involves monkeys, or Adam and Eve, in truth, we all came from the same place; we came from the earth.

When we look at and observe the earth, we find that it is covered with 70 % water… the rest are elements and minerals, and so on. Interestingly enough, our bodies are the same and duplicate this make up; we are 70 % water, and the rest minerals and elements; the exact substances which are found in the lump of clay.

How was it at origin, or in the beginning?  There were raw organic fruits and veggies, raw nuts, seeds and grains, and synthetic hormone and antibiotic-free meats and fish.

Take a can of apple sauce versus a raw organic apple. Ask yourself, what’s the difference? Well for one; canned applesauce has been perverted; the life cooked out of it, devoid of enzymes , or life, and of much of its nutritive value.

One only has to make a loop through Walmart or the nearest grocery store to see the devastating and tragic results of such a diet (canned foods, boxed foods— all dead, processed)

What I did not know until the last couple of years, was that the same holds true for water.  Water at origin is naturally ionized and has some of the same properties we find in raw fruits and veggies.  It’s alive, so-to-speak!

The people and tribes who live at glacial sources live long and well because of the natural forma and water resources that surround them.  Just as with the apple, once we start fussing with it, thus, changing it from its natural state and processing it, (tap water or distilled, or reverse osmosis) it becomes very similar to the can of apple sauce—–NOT DESIGNED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Although they both will allow us to ”survive”, neither can cause us to thrive or be ”alive’, really alive!

I will be sharing more life changing info over the coming months, for now, I urge you start right where you’re at.  Go for more raw fruit and veggies and nuts and seeds in your daily food consumption, and shoot for 5 servings a day if they are organic, and check out the link(s) and for more info on ”raw water”.

Water is a material good and a spiritual good when people recognize the providential presence of the Spirit as they drink the water that sustains their life. As a life-giving and life-providing nourishment, water that is “alive” is water flowing pure and free.  In contrast, well water is stagnant, and laden with the taste of the minerals from its confined underground source.

Please feel free to request the newsletter and free alkaline e-book on the site, and write or call with any questions.

It’s a new year!  Let us ring it in with a much needed  change for better  health, for good health… let us look forward by  going back…back to origin.

You can do it, and we are here to help.

Tim Skiba is a native from Minnesota, now residing in Tulsa, OK, and a naturopathic doctor who travels nationally and internationally sharing the message of the simplicity of good health. Although he never took a vitamin in his life until coming close to death twice in the 90’s.  Caught in the dead end of several years of illness and then pharmaceutical addiction, he was forced to start educating himself via his certification in naturopathy and further his knowledge on the resources and truth available on how to get well.  His passion is to empower people to know and identify with this truth and the simplicity of how to be well.

For more information on Kangen Water, contact us at INSPIRED.


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