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Living Water Cafe

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LIVING WATER Café (events) : A virtual experience of LWC events, featuring live entertainment, arts exhibits, and guest speakers. (videos, stories, etc.)
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LIVING WATER CAFE: Quenching Souls… Celebrating LIFE!

LWC provides an uplifting, spiritual environment; euro-style setting, complete with visual & LIVE performing/visual ARTS, and “divine bites”


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Living water is essential for life: Water is a material good and a spiritual good when people recognize the providential presence of the Spirit as they drink the water that sustains their life. As a life-giving and life-providing nourishment, water that is “alive” in the Bible is water flowing pure and free.
 Both, in a spiritual and in the material sense, living water can and should extend a most affirmative rippling effect in our lives; and this outreach together with your support, will provide many an occasion.     
                                  (Living Water Café (And House of Worship): A spiritual weekly event, relaunching (with your help) in the Summer of 2014, running on Saturdays, synonymous with SWFL’s  primary district and/or regional Art Walks:

LWC provides an environment of complete with LIVE visual and performing arts and  entertainment including popular Jazz, soulful Christian rock/pop, dance performances, poetry readings, spiritual/encouraging messages, live skits, and an extraordinary array of art (paintings, sculptures brought in by the artists themselves) both as sidewalk & interior exhibit on display for sale.  All are welcome!

Happy Hour(s)/ Daily Specials: Serving up infinite portions of compassion, mercy and forgiveness… All for the price of ONE—Come thirsty; leave graced.

LWC meets Johnny Rockets: A small and friendly staff will coordinate and perform dances which they will perform ongoing throughout the week.

Specialty gifts and books: LWC will have a small viewing area wherein spiritual books, publication and gifts, as well as customized LWC t-shirts, bumper stickers, key chains, etc. shall be made available for patrons to purchase.

Events with a Purpose… Building HOPE: Because LWC is directly affiliated with a faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit (Peace Unlimited, Inc), and is, in fact, one of several outreaches therewith, 40% (Forty) of ALL proceeds will be redistributed to help further develop and execute this and the other outreach and initiatives therewith.

Living Water Cafe because of its unique concept, promises to take you away from the ordinary into an international unworldly atmosphere where you can feel comfortable while exploring, and indulging in the pleasures of celebrating LIFE, with family, friends or perfect strangers— come ONE; Come ALL!!! We provide the “ambience”, and God will do the rest!

Living Water Cafe will ROCK SWFL–Summer (July) of 2014!!!!

… Quenching Souls; Celebrating LIFE!

Here’s how you can help:

  • Make a contribution of any amount within your “comfort zone” (no contribution is too small or too great!)

  • “Share” this campaign and project with your friends and family via facebook, twitter, and ALL other mediums

  • Email ALL of your contacts frequently reminding them to contribute and support this project

  • “Follow” us on twitter: @LW_Cafe,  for further updates and give-aways…



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